Clean your jewelry well

Clean your jewelry well

Gold jewelry

Gold is an unalterable precious metal, sought after for its 
incomparable brilliance and durability. It is recommended to use a Chamois or Chamoisine skin to
clean and shine your gold jewelry. Your jeweler can also polish your jewelry and restore
it to its original shine.
We invite you to contact our customer service by e-mail;
contact @ schadejewellery Silver jewelry Silver jewelry naturally oxidizes with air and moisture.
For maximum shine, you can gently buff your
jewelry with a chamois leather
that will keep the silver shiny and remove oxidation. To avoid oxidation as much as possible and to avoid
scratches and knots, store your jewelry in its closed pouch,
protected from air. Gold plated & gilded with fine gold jewelry You can remove dust and potential traces by gently rubbing
the surface
of the jewelry with a cotton ball or a soft microfiber cloth.
The latter also helps to add shine to the metal.
The longevity of your jewelry can vary depending on
several causes such as the pH of the skin and the application
of cosmetics, creams, perfume. Our gold plated and in 3 microns and our
jewelry gilded with fine gold in 1 micron,
our gilding is designed by French houses known
to offer exceptional finesse and quality. Vermeil Vermeil is a precious metal made of solid silver
covered with 5 micron gold.
You can gently polish your jewel with a cotton ball
or soft cloth. It is advisable to store your jewelry individually in pouches or boxes. Our jewelry is guaranteed nickel free and is designed
to minimize the risk of allergy.