Jeweler Jeweler From father to daughter since 1884

Our jewelry workshop is located in the heart of Montmartre, our creations are made, shaped by our greatest care on site.

The Gold & vermeil collection

Our jewels are made in limited series or in unique pieces, the stones are chosen in France and cut at our lapidary in Paris, the setting, polishing and other finishes are adjusted on site, our collections are in 18k Gold, 925 mll Silver or well in Vermeil 5 micron

We only use recycled gold and silver.

It is melted down, and the old alloys are removed to recreate clean 18k gold or 925 mll silver

The Haute Fantaisie collections

In unique pieces or limited series. in brass gilded with fine gold 24k 1 micron

The models are made using old prints or in reissues thanks to our supplier of in-house prints founded in 1840

The house manufactures its models using the stamping, trimming and stamping technique in its factory located in Savigny le Temple in Seine et Marne. It brings together tools from several collections, the oldest of which dates back to 1829.

A stamp is a pattern of metal in bas-relief made by striking or pressing from a die and a punch of hardened etched steel. The finesse of every detail of the most drawn pieces testifies to the subtlety of its realization. Today, creating a stamped part is the only technique that allows the faithful reproduction of patterns with many details. Also the creation of unique tools for each series makes model editing almost endless. The matrix is ​​a work of art in its own right which justifies the greatest care, maintenance and sophisticated repairs, it is part of the National Heritage.